Saving Wildlife Is What Anyone Can Do

It was a rescue for one animal one rainy day. When a litter of kittens appeared in the neighbor’s backyard, Drew who lived next door noticed a white/black kitten far from the pack. Somehow he stood out from the other two who were pure white. A few days went by, and raining after two days, a little white/black kitten was wet and shaking as he sat on the porch. It was a night of torrentious downpour. The rain almost flooded the neighborhood streets and as Drew expected, the litter of kittens didn’t make it, all except the white/black kitten. Not knowing what to do, Drew came out and picked up the stringy wet kitten, shaking and hungry.

After drying him and feeding, Drew went back to the back door of his kitchen which led back to the porch where a chair had been placed. This is where he set the 2-week old kitten. Although the little critter didn’t want to stay in the chair, he ran in before the door closed behind them, Drew and the kitten. It was still raining outside, what was Drew to do? Well, he might as well keep him indoors with him until the next day, or at least until the rain subsided. He also remembers that the black/white kitten’s family was gone. Drew couldn’t let him go after that, therefore, he decided to keep him. Another individual saving an animal’s life that couldn’t save himself. Drew has had “Lil’Critter’ for 2 years now.

The fate of small house animals, or “nuisance” wildlife

volunteer The City of Denver which greatly supports the number of animals with more food, year-round water supplies and endless possibilities of shelter is a big contribution by the people of the Colorado city. Saying no to the nuisance in wildlife is another start to in order to begin positive animal solutions change in the city. Animal solutions and positive change come in the forms of animal protection organizations, individuals rescuing and caring for abandoned animals, and helping farmland animals which are malnutrition because of unfortunate droughts, for instance. This can be seen through local efforts of organizations and volunteers from some of the residents of the City of Denver whom make the efforts and volunteer their time.

Large animal support organizations

Organizations that contribute are the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). It’s one of the largest and effective organizations today. Those wildlife animals which are stranded or become a nuisance to neighborhoods and communities have additional support from the HSUS. an issue for many animal lovers. Not everyone sees eye to eye that is. The HSUS, for instance, is one place where working with community leaders, animal care, and control agencies develop innovative communities.

seal slaughters With some Humane Wildlife Removal, there are some facts which can hurt the faint at heart, but can’t be ignored. FACT: There’s animal fighting, puppy mills, factory farming, horse cruelty, seal slaughters, wildlife trade and hunts that contribute to the cruelty and inhumane way animals, wild or not, are treated. Normally it’s by selfish and greedy like companies and individuals. Those who can utilize other alternatives in controlling the population of wildlife animals, domesticated or not, find ways. With the HSUS, the program Wild Neighbors communities, for example, can get resources, training, step-by-step assistance with advanced science-based techniques. In fact, it includes professional training for leaders, animal control and police. The educational seminars for the public through satellite programs can assist in the implementation of effective and humane management plans and solutions for wildlife. Here are some cities that Wild Neighbors pilot communities:

  • Arlington, Virginia
  • Austin, Texas
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • San Diego, California
  • Washington, D.C.

animal supporter Without those helpful and caring animal lovers and supporters, it’s those small steps towards any rescue worker’s way of showing the world that being involved one animal at a time is a big step for a bigger picture. It’s a positive way to while not hurting animals or perishing their life without alternative options.

Nevertheless, away to be involved with “Wild Neighbors” is easy. Simply, decide how you want to get involved. The following are some ideas in which you and your family or friends can make a wildlife animal or stranded house pet’s life have to mean as well as more to life for.

  • Become a member of a Humane Society and donate your time or membership donation of $25.
  • Raising money for animals campaign for one of your favorite animal rescue shelters in your hometown. Each dollar raised supports the effort of work in saving and rescuing animals including lifesaving solutions such as health care.
  • Reaching out to animal support and rescue organizations (such as the HSUS) will add more humane compassion for animals which can’t help themselves.
  • Join, you can live anywhere in the world to join while saving animal rights and animal lives!
  • Support by attending an animal rescue event or start one.