The Problem of Removing Wildlife from Your Property

Depending on where you live and what you are trying to get rid of, you might just get lucky and find an animal that doesn’t require much in the way of sophistication. It sure would be nice if all you had to deal with was ants and crickets in your backyard. But many people face fearful situations with animal intrusions, especially when they are living close to wildlife preserve. They get invaded by animals that are opportunists, such as raccoons, wild cats and bats. The problem is, once these animals get access to a property they are hard to remove with sticks and brooms.

How To Prevent Wildlife Intrusion

The first thing to do when faced with animal intruder situation is to prevent them from accessing the property. Animals such as squirrels, birds and bats can create a huge mess, odor and health issues if not controlled. They can damage your home’s duct and insulation, wiring and fire safety equipments as well. When the time arrives, make sure that your house is not susceptible to easy entry for these creatures. Repair rotten wood and loose shingles, and seal every small gap in the house. Bats can get into your attic through an inch crack. Loose vent screens and warped sidings can be a breeding ground for small birds. Make sure the chimney cap is closed. Keep the flue closed when not in use.

squirrel invasion Secondly, trim trees by hiring tree service so no branches lead the animals straight into your house. Your utility wires and pipes should not be a crossing bridge for squirrels and raccoons. Always keep your trash cans covered and away from animal path.

Be aware that controlling animals is a long process and cannot be done in one day. It is also not a good idea to simply seal the entry point that will trap the animals inside home. This might create a bigger problem later. If you are unsure of the infestation and can’t find the source or entry point, hire a professional wildlife control service. For squirrels, lure them with sunflower seeds and make them leave the attic or your property. Move the pile of seeds further away each time you realize that the squirrels feed on them.

Once that is done, seal the holes completely. If raccoons are causing problems, use the same general idea. Leave a bowl of cat food in the yard and watch them go out. Seal the house afterwards. Bats can be removed with a bat house sealed on three side and open to the outside on one side. This way the bats will get trapped and get out through the opening but never return. Seal the holes once they are out. Birds are easy to remove as well. Place a bright light near the exit and seal the entry point after they are outside.